Academia Historica is dedicated to scholarly affairs concerning compilation of the nation's history, including writing, editing, and publishing chronicles, biographies, and oral histories, records of presidents and vice presidents, as well as historical documents. In addition to publications in specialized fields, the National History Database has been constructed for scholars and the general public alike.

In terms of academic achievements, we conduct research on the history of the ROC and Taiwan, publish research papers, and organize academic events, such as talks, conferences, symposiums, workshops, study groups, book launches, and distinguished dissertation publishing awards, all of which are undertaken in order to enhance research efforts and to facilitate international scholarly exchange. Moreover, the Bulletin of Academia Historica and Academia Historica Research Newsletter serve as important venues disseminating high-quality research and professional information.

Academia Historica has conducted studies on the history of the ROC from a wide range of perspectives, including political, cultural, economic, military, and social history. For studies on Taiwan history, we have focused on various topics, such as area studies from the time of Dutch settlement up to the postwar era, the history of ethnic groups in Taiwan (such as the Hakka and Indigenous peoples), the retrocession of Taiwan to the ROC government and subsequent governance of the island, as well as studies on political magazines or related publishing histories.


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