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Exhibition and promotion are among Academia Historica's most important tasks. A major step forward was achieved with the clearing out in December 2006 of the old Communications Bureau building, which dated back to the Japanese colonial period. Academia Historica moved in after the building was restored in April 2010. In October 2010, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Artifacts Museum was set up on the building's second floor, exhibiting some of the finest items of these collections with free entry for all. Apart from the collections on display, each exhibition room features a number of multimedia applications, historical reenactments, and quiz games for visitors to interact with, all of which are designed to create a fun and lively learning environment. In addition, we organize talks and educational activities to promote historical knowledge and encourage the participation of the general public. We have also compiled digital archives in both the Taipei and Xindian offices of Academia Historica, which are open to visitors researching historical records.


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