Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum
The front gate of Academia Historica
Chi-Lu building (located in Xindian office)
A historical boulder with inscription of Academia Historica

The origins of Academia Historica can be dated back to 1912, which is the year when the Republic of China (ROC) was founded. At that year, Hu Hanmin, Huang Xing, and others petitioned Sun Yat-sen, who then served as Provisional President, for an academic organization to compile historical records of the nation. Academia Historica was therefore founded under the State Council during the Beiyang Government era (1912-1927), but did not last long due to political vicissitudes. With the promulgation of the Organization Act of Academia Historica in November 1946, Academia Historica was placed under the authority of the central government and officially opened in Nanjing in January 1947. In June 1957, Academia Historica relocated to Taiwan under the direct command of the Office of the President. Since then, the presidents of Academia Historica in Taiwan have included: Lo Chia-lun, Huang Chi-lu, Chu Huei-sen, Chiu Shao-hwa, Pan Chen-chew, Chang Yen-hsien , Lin Man-houng, Lu Fang-shang, and the current president Wu Mi-Cha.

On October 24, 2001, Academia Historica was reorganized into four departments: compilation and research, cataloguing and preservation, acquisitions, and secretariat, as well as three offices in charge respectively of accounting, personnel and civil service ethics. This was done as part of the presidential promulgation of revisions to the Organization Act of Academia Historica. The Organization Act of Taiwan Historica (previously known as the Historical Research Committee of Taiwan Province) was also passed on that day, with Taiwan Historica officially affiliated to Academia Historica on January 1, 2002. The Act Governing the Administration of Presidential and Vice Presidential Records and Artifacts, promulgated on January 20, 2004, names Academia Historica as the archive of presidential and vice presidential records and artifacts.

Academia Historica is the nation's highest institute studying the ROC's and Taiwan's history. It fulfils this role by acquiring, cataloguing, storing, compiling, researching, exhibiting and promoting historical records and artifacts. In order to present a multi-faceted and comprehensive history of the nation, Academia Historica is devoted to incorporating historical research in accordance with the above mission, as well as employing modern technologies to promote historical knowledge.


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