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The collection of historical records at Academia Historica mostly consists of government files or archives brought from China to Taiwan, as well as those collected in Taiwan, mainly government files and documents. We also continue to collect and preserve other records on the history of the ROC. As for historical materials, we collect not only records and artifacts from presidents and vice presidents, document files, personal records (such as diaries, correspondence, certificates, and medals), but also photographs, microfilms, audiovisual materials, and newspapers. Sorted, categorized, and digitalized, these items are archived in a digital system, from which users can view files online, retrieve or refer to relevant information.

Since January 2002, we have begun efforts to digitize historical records and documents belonging to the ROC government, National Resources Commission, and former president Chiang Kai-shek. In addition, we have made several documentaries about historical figures or events base on our record collections, allowing visitors to learn national history in an easy and creative way.

We have devoted great efforts to collecting volumes written in Mandarin and other languages, particularly journals, literary writings, newspapers on microfilm, government gazettes, MA and PhD dissertations, and books on the history of the ROC or Taiwan. These invaluable documents allow staff members to conduct important researches and are also available to people who visit our archives for academic purposes.

Since 1947 when the Constitution of the ROC went into effect, we have been collecting historical records and artifacts of the nation's presidents and vice presidents. These figures include Chiang Kai-shek, Yen Chia-kan, Chiang Ching-kuo, Lee Teng-hui, Chen Shui-bian, and Ma Ying-jeou. These records and artifacts provide a clear understanding of the achievements of these political leaders in different periods of modern Taiwanese history.

The historical records and artifacts of the presidents and vice presidents
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The Collections of the improtant national treasure
The Constitution of the Republic of China ˇuJapanese Instrument of Surrender to the China Theatre, presented to Republic of China forces in Nanjing on September 9th, 1945. Now a collection in Academia Historica.ˇv ˇuJapanese Instrument of Surrender to the HongKong on September 16th, 1945. Now a collection in Academia Historica.ˇv ˇuA manuscript about Three Principles of the PeopleˇvWritten by Dr.Sun Yat-senˇv